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23 June 2006 @ 03:11 pm
So... I have once again disappeared and reappeared magically. o_o

Thoughts on GLAY's new PV "恋"? My first initial reaction went something like, "Lesbians.. really now?". It was quite a shock, seeing as GLAY has never made a daring and bold move like this before. Or is it not as bold as I think? I wonder how adult fans of GLAY are taking it, especially if they have smaller children who also love GLAY. Or maybe I think too much like an American. xD The PV is quite lovely though, especially the lighting and colors that were used. Towards the end, there's a scene when a girl is being covered by rose petals, and my sister later suggested that the song be renamed "Ode to Yoshiki" because that's just -such- a YOSHIKI thing to do. I mean, just look back at the Endless Rain PV. Seriously, it's like his trademark to get drowned by roses! D:

Yes, to sum up that big mass-o-fangirling above, I think G4 is the best GLAY single since Beautiful Dreamer, and that makes me happy. <3

School has been out since June 9th, and I'm ready to go back. I'm much more productive during the school year. *sigh* Playing ROMS of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda is as productive as I've gotten, really. Speaking of Zelda, I won Ocarina of Time off Ebay last Saturday and should be expecting it sometime soon in the mail. OOT is such a good game so PLAY IT if you haven't already! <3 Lisa and I went to a used video game store in Cleveland two days ago to check out their stock of old SNES games. I had a whole list of games to look for prepared, but I left it in the car. ;_; But alas, I did find The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past lonesomely sitting on a shelf. I quickly snached the beauty and rushed home to play it. >:D Lately, I've been using walkthroughs to play games, but I wish I wasn't so dependent on them. What ever happened to aimlessly wandering through a stage for HOURS upon HOURS trying to answer the simple question of "Where the hell do I go now?". Ugh... I'm so... lazy. x____x

This morning at abruptly 9 AM, my gums were loaded with novocaine as my Dentist persistantly drilled a hole in my tooth. I don't mind the shot, but who can stand not feeling their face after a half hour? O_o After returning home, I sat down to play some Zelda only to discover that my file had been deleted. It only took me an hour to get back to where I left off, though, so I guess it wasn't as big of a loss as I thought. I wonder if it was because of the game or my system. I hope it's not Mr. SNES. I love him too much to buy another system off Ebay. ;~~;

Now to catch up on LJs.

You have my permission to shoot my Email account in the face if I leave for such an extended period again without notice.
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