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25 June 2007 @ 09:35 pm
Splish Splash I was takin' a bath  
Hmmm, so Lisa and I bathed the doggeh today. x]

Wriggly before the bath. Aww, isn't he cute? Aww, doesn't my digicam suck?

During the bath he was actually well-behaved! It was kind of surprising and relieving, really. I had to hold him down though. :D

Kiki again. She may look angry, but she's really not. She's prolly mad 'cause the dog runs over her and gets all the attention. And peed on her bed. Poor thing. D:

Went to Parmatown today for the BIG annual Bath & Body Works sale. I used the gift card that Sarah gave to me in March, and to my surprise there was a dollar left. I'm kind of pissed; she gave that card to me because she "got it for Christmas and didn't shop at Bath & Body works." It was a 25 dollar gift card, and I felt bad for getting it for free, but all she said was, "don't worry about it." She could have at least told me she had used most of it (or someone else had and there wasn't much left so don't worry about it!). Sarah really.. gets to me sometimes.

Anyway, I stopped by Borders and picked up a hardcover Beatles photo book...for EIGHT dollars. It was a "bargain" book, and boy was it a bargain. @@ It's so pretty~~ x3 I also picked up THE GREATEST BOOK EVER: MAKING OUT IN JAPANESE. LOLOLOL it has all these slang sayings including insults AND the steps and phrases needed to get to -that certain stage- with a cute Japanese guy or chick. I think everyone needs a copy of this book because it is truly AMAZING. That and, of course, it will become useful someday. ;D

Both Borders and Walden Books didn't have any good Japanese grammar books--only dictionaries. I'm glad I ordered through Amazon. D:

fühlen: mellowmellow
Sharky: Geekinfinityshark on April 11th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
I have that and its sequel (creatively titled More Making out in Japanese). So worth the purchase =P