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20 June 2007 @ 11:38 pm
I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade  
Hahahaha! I finally did it! New layout feat. the lovely Bealtes! Ohohoho, and aren't they lovely indeed. If you can't tell, the header image is from their Abbey Road album. I've very pleased with this layout. It's my first S2 layout and it came out just snazzy. <3
I think I'm going to get a paid account just because I want more icon space and custom mood themes. Yeeeah.

Comments? Complaints? Not aligned on your resolution? (gonna kick myself if it isn't)

Thank you, xxkamuixx for sending me an LJ nudge. Appreciate it. x3

So what have I been up to? For starters, Lisa and I are petsitting our neighbors' pets. Their dog, Wriggly, is a BEAST. Well, not really, but he's UBER cute and, unfortunately, very hyperactive. Emphasis on the last part. Wriggly's still a puppy and really doesn't know sh*t, um, feces. He -peed- on my friend, and I was soo embarrassed. @@; He's even peed on me at least 2 times. The good news is that we're getting paid 20 dollars a day to take care of this little monster. Yup. You heard me.
Besides Wriggly, they have a reaaaally fat cat named Kiki and three fish. She's just a -sweetheart-. Kiki's very friendly and isn't aggressive in the least bit. She loves to be pet, but if you hold her, she'll squirm around. :/

Trust me. This kitty is -bloated- even though her bottom half was unexpectedly lost in the picture.

I'll take more pictures tomorrow. ;D

Yesterday Lisa and I met up with her ex-teacher, Mrs. Reffert, at a Friendlys restaurant like.. right next to B-W college. Last week was hell, and we really needed to talk to someone about Dad. He really upset us that Monday...

Ellen's sister had her baby two days ago (I think), and oh my goodness, he is the cutest little baby I've -ever- seen and I'm not kidding. I'll post some pictures in a friends only post just because I'm not sure the family would appreciate the photos getting around. :/

ColossalCon '07 was a -blast-. Unfortunately only Sam could come because everyone else I invited was busy (Garret, Jackie, Umbreen, Adam, Frenchie). @@ Jenny did show up with Kathy though~ Anyway, we spent hours in the dealer's room. I bought myself two Death Note movie posters, a Tidus keychain, a Japanese umbrella and a fox tail (which I love to pieces~~). For Umbreen, I bought a Tsubasa Chronicles poster with Sakura and Lee, which got a little damaged on its way back home. I hope she won't mind. T____T I really wanted to get a big Yoshi plushie, but I didn't have enough for it. I know I'd feel guilty for spending money on an extremely cute plushie that would do nothing but collect dust in the corner of my room but I DON'T CARE because it was soooo cute~~
Pictures of Con stuff tomorrow. Prolly. I didn't get a chance to take pictures at the con though! I forgot my ancient camera at home~~~ TT__TT After the dealer's room, we sat and watched karaoke and then Sam and I wandered off to go watch the Death Note movie in one of the video rooms, but when we got there people were talking loudly and for some ODD reason the subtitles were in Spanish. Seriously. I don't get that. And of course, we stayed for cosplay, which was.. entertaining. Sid from FFVII was the host again this year (with his MOP!!!1!1! xD) and the co-host from last year was dressed up as Princess Peach.

For any of you Harry Potter fans out there, I'm reading book one. Debra lent it to me literally a year ago, and I haven't even touched it 'til now. xD

And for you GLAY FANS OUT THERE, I have a surprise.. but I'll post that tomorrow. Tee hee.

Gift for you:

Yes, that is the moon and yes, my camera is so ancient it can't even zoom. :(

Now to catch up on everyones' journals. Sorry~! >_<

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verloren seele: TERUneverphree on June 21st, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
/Haha, now I get why people put slash marks before their sentences. xD

Yes, I'm back for the time being. I'll hope I can stay for awhile.